A: Yes, Q Host app for restaurants is completely free. It’s not a trial then pay or a limited version that you have to buy a full featured version later. We give you all features and for free, including the text messaging for party return to host. You only need to provide the iPad and internet.

A: Q is not a reservations system in the traditional sense. It’s better. The reality is diners today aren’t making plans days in advance. More frequently, people are just using the phone to determine where to go out right now. In fact, 49% of traditional reservations are made on the same day, frequently just before arriving. 78% of reservations are made within 36 hours of arrival time. Q is a system designed for the immediate decision making of customers through smart phones. Many restaurants have been adjusting to this by reducing reservations table allocations on busy nights to accommodate last minute decision makers. More and more restaurants are opening as, or moving to, first come – first served seating, because on average 15% more revenue can be achieved over the inefficiencies of reservations scheduled table turns. But first-come first-served has some gaps for getting customers into your restaurant.

Q fills the gap by informing guests on their phone of your hours, location, and availability. With Q, guests can see on their phone immediately that you are open, and what the wait time is. No more calling about the wait time, or when you open, or your address. When there is a wait time, Q enables consumers to get on the list from their phone, which has many benefits to the customer and the restaurant.

Q also fills the need for restaurants that have call-in reservations for larger parties or special requests through a feature called reserve request. Reserve request enables restaurants to capture call-in reservations into the Q system, and those reservations appear in the list on their arrival date.

Q allows restaurants to operate with benefits of reservations online availability, and the efficiency of a first-come first-served operation. Q fills the gap between antiquated and expensive reservations systems, and manual paper wait-lists. And it’s free!

A: Q offers many tangible benefits for restaurants. Here are some of the most valuable reasons to use Q.

  • Q saves you from the constant calling “Do you have a wait time, can you place us on the list…we’re on the way”. With Q, customers see your wait time on their phone real-time.
  • Q guest app brings in more customers because, now they can use their phone for your location, your hours, and your availability.
  • Q brings back the reluctant guest. For restaurants that frequently have wait times, many customers simply avoid going because they don’t want to wait. Q solves this for them, and brings in customers that normally wouldn’t come.
  • Customers expect that restaurants will call parties back using cell phones. Buzzers are horrible and limiting, and standing in line outside or lobbies waiting is even worse. Q text messaging gives your guests the freedom to shop, or wait at their own choice.
  • Q brings in more revenue to your business. Our research indicates that when wait-times are over 30 minutes, 15% of parties won’t add to the list opting to try some other location. Q solves this issue enabling parties to add to list remotely so you get customers throughout the entire time, not just the rush period.
  • Q will make more revenue compared to traditional wait-listing. Frequently, when walk-up parties are on long waits, they will visit other restaurants for pre-dinner drinks and appetizers. This is a loss to your restaurant high margin revenue. Worse, sometimes when hosts call parties to return, they’ve changed plans and don’t come back representing a total loss of revenue, and undesired customer experience. Q changes this with remote Q, because they arrive and are seated within a short period. Thus all revenue is retained by your restaurant and a better guest experience.
  • Q makes happier guests and better host interaction. Let’s face it, customers want information in their hands, and the unknown “where are we on the list” is frustrating for them and for hosts. With Q, customers will use the remote listing feature removing all the stress of racing to get on the list early and avoiding the lobby anxiety entirely. Even for customers that walk-in and are added to the list, Q provides them a tool for tracking where they are on the list. When customers talk to friends the next day, the discussion isn’t about the wait-time, it’s about the great food and service, and they are likely to post better comments to social media.

A: For the host, Q basically works very much like the paper list and marker pen map that many restaurants use today. Our team spent hundreds of hours with restaurants learning their flow and how hosts do their job. We designed Q to work very much in the way it’s done today manually. Host’s simply select map to seat parties by a tap on tables, and select list to add parties to a wait list. The app constantly tracks the status of seated parties and their estimated time to departure, and once the restaurant is full, it determines the best option and wait time for wait-listing new parties. Q saves hosts time of manually estimating wait times providing more time to interact with guests. That said, we designed the app to be very adjustable by the host, and let them edit wait times as required, or seat parties anyhow they think best. Even better, Q gets smarter over time recording turn times for your specific restaurant so that wait times get more accurate the more you use it.

A: No, in fact, the Q team abhors cheating or line-skipping. Q places parties on the list in a first-come first-served basis. It makes no difference if they use their phone to add to the list, or walk-in, each customer is treated the same, and every party waits their turn regardless of how added to the list. Also, with respect to cheating, Q has taken multiple measures to assure there is no gaming of wait lists. A party can only be on one Q list at any given time.

A: If you’ve ever been frustrated with waiting for a table at restaurants, you’re going to love Q. Basically, the Q app on your phone enables you to see all restaurants on our system, and find out if they have a wait time. No more calling around to find out. Even better, if you want to go to a restaurant and there is a wait time, you can add your party to the list from your phone. No more racing to get on the list early, or sending someone to hold a place in line, or all that silly stuff we do to avoid long lines. Install the app, view the map to see restaurants and check if they have a wait time. When there is a wait time, use Q to get on the list remotely from your phone and avoid the wait at the restaurant. Maybe you’ll find out there’s no wait and you can come right in! Q gives you back time in your life.
A: Yes, the app is free to install and use to see wait times. If there is a short wait time, you can add to the wait list from your phone free. When wait times are over 20 minutes, Q charges you a small $5* fee for your party.
*Some markets may vary. The fee is for the entire party, not per person.
A: We haven’t signed up all restaurants (yet). So, if you have a favorite restaurant that frequently has a wait time, let us know either within the app, or by sending us a note from the contact page. Note that Q is primarily at restaurants that do not take regular reservations on systems like Open Table.
A: Well, simply stated, it’s how Q makes money, plus, we think most people value their time saved. Our small fee saves you time, and avoids all the stress of rushing, the additional parking time, the frustration of standing in line. Use your phone to get in line for you. Calmly arrive just before your table is ready. Our small fee truly reduces stress and gives you back time in your life.
A: Yes and no. Yes, it allows you to add to the list and hold a place in line using your phone. No, it doesn’t allow you to hold a specific table in advance. You will be given an estimated wait time until your table is ready, just like if you had walked in and were added to a wait list and stood in line. Q app does have a feature called “Q Later” that lets you plan your Q in advance, and gets you in line at the time you want to eat. See our video below on how to use Q Later.
A: No. Restaurants depend on parties showing up, and we really want people to commit to the Q only when they are really going. Therefore, the fee is non-refundable.
A: No, only the party organizer needs the app. He/She adds the entire party to the list under their name, and then invites other contacts advising them they are in Q. Each of the others in the party get a text telling them when and where to arrive. The text will provide a link to the Q app if others in the party want to monitor your place in line real-time. Otherwise, they don’t need the app, and just show up.
A: This happens, and your place on the list will be retained under the original party size. Before you arrive, either find others to fill their spot, or advise the host when you arrive. Note, changes in planned party size will be handled by the host and in many cases will result in longer wait times. Also, make sure your entire party arrives and checks in on time. Restaurants have various policies, but in most cases, without a complete party your seating time will be delayed.
A: Wait times fluctuate with the ebb and flow of customers, but the Q app will update showing you the most current estimate in real-time allowing you to adjust accordingly. In general, a table will usually become available close to the estimated quote.
A: Restaurants really need parties to arrive on time serve all customers fairly. Q provides a small amount of grace time in the system. If you miss your grace time, your party will be deleted from the list losing your place in line. We recommend calling the restaurant if late, and depending on restaurant policy, they will do what they can.
A: We’ve created a video library for those of you that really like to dig in to the details. If we don’t have the answer here, use our contact page to send us a note.