Why Q?

“Wait” is a word nobody wants to hear or say. It has a negative connotation in virtually every context. Our goal at Q is to free both restaurants and their patrons from the burdens of waiting. Our platform brings transparency and flexibility to wait listing. We are going to change the world of waiting.


Due to the unknowns of supply and demand, waiting will always happen. With our technology, waiting doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. We developed Q to solve real human problems for both guests and hosts. Beneath our screens there is hard-core science, mathematics, and proprietary algorithms based on queuing theory. At the surface are intuitive solutions that make wait time less of a pain.


The team at Q has broad experience in technology and hospitality. That wealth of life experiences improves the execution of our product, and interaction with our customers. We take a long-term approach and value our relationships with both restaurants and guests. Like any relationship, our success comes from listening, acting with integrity, and communicating clearly and frequently. The diversity of our minds, the empathy for our users, and the passion in our hearts is what sets us apart. We look forward working with you.

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