Why Q?

If you take walk-ins, and have wait times, read this.

Look around and notice the world is shifting towards the use of technology to make life more efficient. Mobile ordering, traffic apps, Uber eats… people are on their phones to get into places and services faster and with less hassle. Starbucks spent millions to provide a more efficient way to get your coffee, and now more customers are going to them because the issue of waiting is solved. Q is a guest system tailored for busy restaurants, enabling customers to more easily come in. Launched in 2018, Q is being used at some of the top rated restaurants. Q connects people and their phone to your business, while increasing revenue and operation efficiency, and making customers happier. This isn’t just marketing BS, we’ve proven it, and common sense tells you why if you keep reading.

First-come first-served restaurants are great for maximizing revenue especially in places with variable turn-times and fluctuating demand. Even restaurants on reservations systems smartly cut back offered reservations on busy days to fit in the most customers. But any system, paper or digital, where customers cannot plan from their phone, is a disconnect to consumers when technology is so entrenched in their decision making.

Let’s face it, when you go out to the bank, airport, hair cut, doctors office, car service…. you hate waiting. Everyone does. Wait is a word that customers don’t want to hear, and employees hate to say. Whether in reality or perception, wait has a negative connotation. And let’s be honest, relative to others, restaurants frequently have the some of the longest wait times. Worse, it occurs with an impatient consumer that is hungry and wanting to go out now. Sadly, it’s why fast-food exists.

At your business, you hear the pressure all the time. Ring ring… “Can I make a reservation?” Ring ring… “What’s your wait time for Friday?” Ring ring….“We are about 45 minutes away, can you write us down on the list?” Just keeping up with answering the phone is difficult. When customer calls are not answered, placed on hold, cannot hear the employee, or get ambiguous answers, it compounds their frustration of getting in to your restaurant. Customers are asking: “How can plan ahead to get in to your restaurant easily, and get seated within a reasonable time of showing up, without the risk of running into a wait time or sitting on a waitlist?”

Without a system that connects your availability to customer phones, patrons become reluctant to go, and less likely to repeat visits. Q solves this by providing a system for restaurants to retain their first-come first-served profitability and identity, while attracting and gaining more repeat customers through providing the consumer with a “chose and get in” solution.

If you are a restaurant owner, or a restaurant franchise, give us a call. Or, simply download Q Host Restaurant App, install in iPad, and try it out. Get Q – What are you waiting for?

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If you’ve been on a waitlist, and like going out to great places that frequently have them, then Q is for you!

People in the US consume 37 Billion hours per year waiting. Waiting in traffic, waiting on hold, waiting at airports, and waiting to get seated at restaurants. What are we waiting for? The answer is – technology to solve it.

Q Waitlist Guest App was created to solve the frustrations of going out to popular restaurants and facing wait times. With Q, not only can you see restaurant wait times in the app before deciding where to go, you can add your party to the waitlist remotely while still at work, at home, or on the way. Once the organizer adds a party to the list, he/she can select others in the group from the phone contact list. They will receive a text informing them restaurant address and when to arrive.

Now Q can help you find restaurants and know availability without calling. When there is a wait time, Q enables you to get on the list remotely from your phone. Once in Q, you can see your place in line, estimated time until the top of the list, and will receive updates if things change. Depending on the restaurant and wait times, a small fee is required to add yourself to the line remotely. This assures your place on the list, and assures the restaurant that customers will come. No more standing in line or waiting in crowded lobbies!

Q also offers the ability to set a Q Ahead for the day and time you’d like to eat someplace – much like a reservation. Upon setting a Q Ahead, on the date set, the app will automatically text you when it’s time to jump on the list just at the right moment, so when you arrive you’ll be at the top of the list and soon seated.

Q Waitlist Guest App makes the experience of going out to great places even better. You’ll visit great places more often, and enjoy your time more, when you have the comfort of knowing you’re in Q.

Download Q Waitlist Guest App from the Apple or Android App stores. Get Q - What are you waiting for?

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