Restaurant Online
Guest System

Designed for first-come first-served restaurants.
Connects your restaurant to consumer phones.
More customers, better guest experience.

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more covers

faster return

fewer lost

Finally, an alternative to expensive
and complex reservation systems

more covers

faster return

fewer lost

Your customers live
on their phones….

..and so should your restaurant.

Q is the solution to getting more customers in the door. Q answers the questions you get asked every day by providing your real-time availability online.

Do you have a wait right now?

Can you hold a table for us?.....

Q will end these calls by providing a way for customers to check availability and list from their phone.

A system designed for
first-come first-served

90% of customers searching on their phone for a restaurant convert to customer in the door someplace.

Using Q, restaurants increase 3%-10% more business because customers can convert from search to a party on your arrival list.

  • A way to get in from their phone
  • Less phone calls
  • Less crowds in the lobby
  • Happier customers

Customers live on their phones – your restaurant should too


Q List

Scrap the paper list, quote accurate wait times,
one-tap/hassle free communication.

Reserve Request

Reserve Request is for handling call-in reservations, special events, and large parties.

Parties are automatically inserted into the Qlist on the appropriate night.

Tables can optionally be assigned to parties and held out of inventory for wait listing during the reserve request event.


Set up your account in 20 minutes


Track wait time, turn time, and customer trends

Q Map

Seat guests, manage your floor and servers.

What people say

  • quote

    ….there are lots of other places we like that we simply won’t go to without some system to get in. We pretty much only choose the places on Q around us just because it makes our life so much easier.

    Chase T.

    Mechanical Engineer – Seattle, WA
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  • quote

    Before we had Q, customers would call a lot asking what the wait time was. Once we started using Q, it provided me a way to help customers see the wait time from their phones instead of calling…….

    Theresa J.

    Restaurant Host Seattle, WA
    Read Theresa’s Q story
  • quote

    Having a reservation system didn't really work for us because we can’t afford holding tables and issues with showing up. Q was actually, literally perfect for us because we can't afford to hold tables open for reservations.

    Matt B.

    Restaurant Owner Seattle, WA
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