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See real-time availability and get on restaurant
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How It Works

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    Welcome to Q


    Q for restaurants from your phone. Set your party size, pick a place and go!
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    Q Now to confirm adding your party to Q immediately.

    *A fee may be required at some locations

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    You are in Q! Share with the rest of your party and they will get a notification on where to go and when to arrive.

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What people say

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    We all know the struggle. Friday night planning is in the works, and you want to try that trendy new restaurant. You give them a call, hoping to reserve a table for you and your friends only to find that they don’t accept reservations.

    Now there is a solution……

    Kate Neidigh

    Journalist – Seattle Refined
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    I’m a busy person that works late but I like going out to try new restaurants. But, if going out on a date, or meeting friends after work, it’s really frustrating to wait for a table.

    Once I got the Q App, I can’t stop going back to the places that use it. It makes life so easy…..

    Chad Wegner

    Software Engineer – Amazon
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    The Q app is a no-brainer. 5 years from now, I can’t imagine that people will still be waiting in lines when they could use Q to get in.

    Julie N.

    Frequent Diner– Portland, Oregon
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