Chase T.
Mechanical Engineer - Seattle, WA

My wife and family frequently go out. With kids 9 and 7 years old, we really don’t like to have to wait for tables. When going out, it’s not like we are planning days ahead, we’re just wanting to go out on the spur-of-moment. But going out is frustrating because typically places that take reservations don’t have any availability, and places that don’t take reservations have no system to get in.

Before finding Q, I’d try to call a place to see how busy they were. Most don’t even answer the phone. Those that do don’t provide much assurance stating "We don't know what the wait will be in an hour, your entire party needs to be here and then we’ll place you on our waitlist." Worse, many times they tell you there’s not a wait, and when we get there it’s an hour! That’s happened more than once.

With Q, we know what’s going on at the restaurant and even if there’s a wait we can get on the list and know that we’ll get a table pretty soon after arriving. I love that it gives you the real-time wait remaining so we can plan our lives accordingly.

I hope more restaurants sign up for Q because there are lots of other places we like that we simply won’t go to without some system to get in. We pretty much only choose the places on Q around us just because it makes our life so much easier.

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