Matt B.
Restaurant Owner - Seattle, WA

We're a bar, butcher shop, and charcuterie house with an emphasis on really good cocktails and nice craft beer. We have 32 taps, we make all of our own charcuterie in-house and whole animal butchery with local farmers.

We do a lot of dinner business. We have a really good brunch business as well. It’s not uncommon for us to be full and run wait times.

Having a reservation system didn't really work for us because we can’t afford holding tables and issues with showing up. With reservations somebody reserves a table and they just didn't show up… you're 20 minutes out looking at a table being like are they ever going to show up? Q was actually, literally perfect for us because we can't afford to hold tables open for reservations.

Q's helpful because our more regular locals started to be like hey, can I get on the list? And then they can monitor the list from their house. So they'll use the Q app to get on the list. And then they don't have to come down here and realize that it's packed again and wait for an hour trying to get down on a table. They get on the list and monitor from their house which they think is awesome.

The transition from taking just a paper waitlist to going to Q was literally a busy Friday night. We just did it on the fly and it was super easy. It was one of those writing it down versus typing it into Q, it's the same thing. As soon as we went to a Q System, people were like oh, it's an upgrade. Oh, wow, fancy digital system, it's really neat. For me personally, whole texting thing is great because I didn’t have to text customers from my personal number. Texting from Q was easier, quicker, and more professional.

Our customers definitely appreciate the convenience of Q, especially our local regulars. People definitely had a much better experience of The Shambles since we're using Q and that in the long-term translates into more consistent sales, them coming back more often. It's made some of our regulars really happy because they can get in with ease, and some of these people spend hundreds here a week. For our restaurant, this is perfect.

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